A Short Tale of Fort Worth Shenanigans

Posted on May 15, 2010
Submitted by don on Mon, 05/03/2010 original posting HERE.

Once upon a time, there was a noble institution known as, The Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. It was conceived by a group of honorable Fort Worth women in 1939. Since 1941, they have been helping children in north Texas learn how science affects their lives. So far so good.

Then one day in 2003 a very bad man became mayor of Fort Worth. He had a secret plan that would make him and his oil and gas drilling friends very, very rich. They would drill for natural gas in Fort Worth neighborhoods!

But they had a problem. They knew gas drilling was dirty and dangerous and that some people might not like their plan. They had to figure out a way to make people believe that gas drilling was not only safe, but FUN!

About this time, the FWMoS&H decided they needed a new building. Not just any building would do. It had to be a big fancy building. But they had a problem. They didn’t have enough money for a big, fancy building.

Then one day, some guy on the museum Board of Directors said, “Hey, why don’t we ask those rich gas drillers to give us some cash-ola. They are giving money to the FW Opera, The United Way, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, the FW Library and, (wink-wink) lots of elected officials.”

So they did. But before the gas drillers would hand over the cash-ola one of them said, “Hey, before we write a big fat check to the FWMoS&H for a big fancy building, we want you to promise that you will make people believe that gas drilling is not only safe, but FUN!”

And so it was. The FWMoS&H got the cash-ola and the very bad mayor and his rich gas drilling friends solved their problem. Together they built a big fancy building that opened in 2009.

Now, a whole new generation of children are learning how Barnett Shale gas drilling is not only safe. It’s fun!



The FWMoS&H has a NEW problem: A steady flow of news and science reports describing negative health effects and environmental damage caused by gas drilling is undermining their credibility. Now that they are intimately partnered with Big Gas, their joint propaganda machine must constantly find creative ways to counter these reports and the ever-increasing public skepticism of gas drilling.

Problem solved:

This Wednesday, May 5, the museum is hosting a special event featuring author and energy journalist, Robert Bryce, who is hawking his new book, Power Hungry: The Myths of Green Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future. As you might expect, he’s a cheerleader for natural gas.

Read press release here:


Mr. Bryce will also be the featured guest on the KERA radio talk show, Think, this Thursday, May 6 at 1 pm.


(This is a far cry from what the museum founders envisioned in 1941. They have gone beyond their mission of “… interpreting science and the stories of Texas…” to propagandizing for a corrupt and dirty industry.)



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